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These are my deviations!!! :D
Enjoy them. Watchers will be welcome, comments will be cherished :heart:

~Noctis and Prompto high five :highfive:~


Simply love them! Their authors have all my love


Take a look at my most favorite!

--> :iconawwwplz: :iconawwwplz: :iconawwwplz: :iconawwwplz: :iconawwwplz: :iconawwwplz: :iconawwwplz: :iconawwwplz:


Lisa ^_^
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
"Before the gates of excellence the high gods have placed sweat; long is the road thereto - rough and steep at first... But when the heights are reached, then there is ease, though grievously hard in the winning..."

Here are some of the most amazing people I've met on dA. All I can say is that I enjoy talking to them and we've done so many sweet things together :huggle: You know, it's a good thing that I've made a dA account :D

~:iconfallingstarxiv: --> She's a very talented girl who composes lovely lyrics and draws super-cool chibis! :dance: One of my first watchers, we shared many ideas and feelings together :huggle: She's my poetry sister!

~:iconvasilina-the-dragon: --> I LOOOVE these conversations I have with her! ^_^ Whether we talk about our raven haired prince -Noctis Lucis Caelum-, our charming One-Winged Angel -Sephiroth- or school and PS3 games...
SHE AND I ARE THE ONES WHO CREATED A FANCLUB FOR NOCTIS! If you're a fan of :iconnoctoplz:, this is the place you've been looking for: :iconour-prince-noctis:
I'm just glad I got to meet her here ;-) (She's a great Co-director by the by. I bet she'd run a good business even in real life :thumbsup:)

~:iconaurelgweillys: --> This girl makes 3D drawings that breath life, I tell you! :) Just go to her page and you'll be convinced. I love the fact we both like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. She's kind and makes requests for her watchers ^_^ Speaking of which... :plotting:

~:icondarkheianprincess: --> I just love her stories. She writes amazingly. Her stories are so beautiful and can easily make you feel all kinds of emotions. Check out her account on :D I recommend "The Angel's Queen" for beginners. You won't regret!


Dears, this is Noctis, my so-long-awaited boyfriend and I mean it!

His eyes can turn red when he's mad (but either way he's cute :heart:)

Oh, I forgot the main part! He's the prince of the Lucis kingdom!

He is the most awesome boy I've ever seen and he simply robs me of breath! It's time to begin mooooore photo montages! :la:

What Type Of Twilight Fan Are You?
What Type Of Twilight Fan Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Dissidia 012 - What Character Are You?
Dissidia 012 - What Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime
--Yaay!!! I got Tifa :D

 Birth By Sleep:  What Character Do You Resemble?
Birth By Sleep: What Character Do You Resemble?
Hosted By Anime
Which Final Fantasy VII Protagonist Are You?
Which Final Fantasy VII Protagonist Are You?
Hosted By Anime

- D'aww... I wanted to be Kadaj...

but Vincent's also lovely ~also Vincent Valentine fangirl :nod:~


- Just like that, Sephiroth :D:D:D

- Whoopsy-daisy... ^^; Time to get serious :fight:

- Spread wing means *Activating Combat Mode*

- Come here, Cloud. I want to kill you :evillaugh::rofl::evillaugh::rofl::evillaugh::rofl:


- Is this the pain you felt before? Let me remind you.
This time you won't forget.

- Ehehehe... Better now :evillaugh: Learnt your lesson yet?

- *Conflict Resolved *

- ...For he will come once again.
Sephiroth - To rule the planet as he should have done.
Sephiroth - For he was born for what he has become.
*insert One-Winged Angel (Advent Children Complete version) here*
This is a quiz, dears. It's been some time since I've last made one. Please try it out and don't forget to share! :heart:

*Alright now, the rules are simple. There are these two symbols at the beginning of each statement: [] All you have to do is to click between them and add an X. It should look like this: [X], ok??? Tick all the statements that fit you and count them. I'll explain more at the end of the quiz :wave: NOW LE'TS GET STARTED! :dance:
*These statements are ticked here from my point of view. You just copy them and re-tick them how they fit you.

[X] You have at least 3 games with the Square-Enix logo on them (PC, PS2, PS3... the platform doesn't matter)
[X] You know the name of the Square-Enix Character Designer by now (don't look it up now if you don't know it at this time)
[X] You watched videos like "Final Fantasy XIII/Crisis Core/Advent Children - Full Movie" on YouTube 
--- I honestly watched: Crisis Core, Advent Children Complete, Dirge of Cerberus ---
[X] You have at least one character you die for
[X] You listen to the soundtrack of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts all the time.
[X] You have some FF and KH song on your phone/computer/tablet/etc
[X] You hear the release date for FF XV and can't control your emotions and excitement
[X] You do quizzes like "What Character Are You?" - of course FF and KH related 
[X] You watched videos in which the Square-Enix staff explain how they design and create the game 
[X] You feel sad for several "villains" like Sephiroth, Caius, Genesis
[X] You often imagine possible ways to continue the KH saga
[X] You talk to your friends and parents about these games 
[X] You cried when you watched the ending of Advent Children/Kingdom Hearts 1
[X] You prefer shoulder-length haired boys (if you're a girl) and courageous girl who know how to fight (if you're a boy)
[X] You'd visit Japan

Points so far: 15 

[X] You've already started to take Japanese lessons or you teach yourself Japanese with the help of a book
[X] You've already watched the Story Trailer and Gameplay Trailer of FF XV (don't watch it now if you haven't watched it by now)
[X] You've started speaking Japanese at home even though no one understand you :giggle:
[X] Your father is a bit tired of your fan-shipping
[X] You've become somehow more romantic before after seeing FF and KH
[X] You began to learn to play a musical instrument after seeing FF and KH/ your musical ear is better after seeing FF and KH
[X] You prefer soft songs to rap or dub step
[X] You began to improve your singing after seeing FF and KH
[X] You have a account and often post your stories there (FF/KH related)
[X] You desperately want to fall in love because you think it's cute (but also you're gonna be careful about it, of course)
[X] You know Noel's Theme/Yeul's Theme/Sephiroth's Theme by heart
[X] You find Sanctuary and Simple and Clean nice in Japanese too
[X] You'd love to meet Yoko Shimomura
[X] You'd love to play in her orchestra
[X] You've searched Square-Enix on Facebook/Twitter or any other site, even Wikipedia

Points so far: 30

[X] You feel involved in the story of FF and KH
[X] You feel worried about the character you control when playing before you don't want him/her to lose
[X] You gasped/screamed when you saw a FF/KH trailer
[X] You wish some of the worlds from KH existed for real
[X] You fancy yourself in a serious relation with a FF/KH character (Noctis is mine, paws off! :pissed:)
[X] You'd like to have powers like the FF/KH characters (I'd like to have Sephiroth's Masamune ;-))
[X] You began to improve your drawing skills after seeing FF and KH
[X] You truly care about your friends' good and safety.
[X] You play on PC/PS2/PS3 (any platform) more than 1 hour a day (not necessarily every day)
[X] Whenever you see a villain try to hurt your favorite characters, you open wide your eyes and shout "NOOO!!!"
[X] You know what a keyblade is 
[X] You know what a gunblade is
[X] You wish so badly these characters were real (at least some of them)
[X] You've become somehow more emotional after seeing FF and KH 
[X] You can't wait for FF XV and for KH III!!! (:excited:)

Points so far: 45

Well, that was it. As you can see, I've ticked all the statements. Now I'm gonna tell you what you need to know if you decide to do this quiz. If you have an amount of:

a) Under 15 --> You still need to keep your fan-shipping up!
b) 15 - 35 --> Wow, you know pretty much about FF and KH but there's always room for more!
c) Above 35 --> DIE HARD FAN! 

So, I am a die hard fan. Please applaud me :lol: I'm gonna faint when these two come out: FF XV and KH III :faint:
That was it. Try it and see! 

  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Noel's Theme from Final Fantasy XIII-2
  • Playing: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII on HARD MODE
  • Eating: (I'm fed up like the Aeronite beast, lol)
  • Drinking: tea

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:w00t: I'm happy for you!!! :clap:
Yup... As soon as I get rid of this... CHAOS... I'll be able to send the information about the OC to you  ^^; 
BTW, I finished Lightning Returns but... um, Caius didn't show up as an ally of Lightning actually... He kinda seemed neutral :hmm:
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